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PostHeaderIcon Hola, Pedro!

Pedro came to us back in July 2010. His owner could unfortunately no longer care for him. He had the opportunity to live with Patti until he was adopted.  We located a new home for him with a wonderful family in Rhode Island.

Here are some pictures of Pedro and Patti on the trip to Norman where he met his new family before being transported to his new home. He arrived safe and sound and is very happy with his new family!



PostHeaderIcon Punkin’s Saga

Punkin is a two year old Mini Pin that was shot in the back with a BB gun by some children. Her back legs are now paralyzed. She was owner released to us a couple months ago. The vet said that, even if we remove the BB, she will never be able to use her legs again. She has been getting around pretty well by just dragging her back legs, but she is now getting sores on her legs, even though we keep them wrapped. We are at a point now that the bone is protruding out of the skin.

The vet has decided that we have two options, euthanize or amputate. There’s no way we will euthanize a dog that is in otherwise great condition. She is young, happy and full of life.  She wants to run around and play with all the other dogs, but just cant keep up with them.

She is scheduled for surgery this Wednesday, where the vet will remove both of her back legs. She will remain at the vet’s office for a couple of days, and then she will go home with Patti. We have a mini doggie wheelchair ordered for her, so when she is feeling better, we will give it a try. Right now she cant get up steps because she gets her legs caught and cant pull them up.  We hope that she will be able to maneuver steps better without the back legs.

Keep checking back to get updates on Punkin’s saga!

PostHeaderIcon Buddy’s Adventures!

By Angela Bell Marshall, an FFFC volunteer

I took Buddy to the Nursing Home this morning. He did great! They are going to keep him for about a month, to see how things go. If everything goes well, which we think it will, he will live there permanently. I’m so proud of him!

Living in the nursing home, he will be allowed to run free, with the exception of the kitchen & dining room. He will also have his own room, a bed, & a large backyard to hang out in when he feels like it.

I would like to share a few things that happened this morning. The moment we arrived at the nursing home, the leash went off. We walked him up and down the halls to introduce him to everyone and familiarize himself with his new home. While he walked the halls, he would stop and greet all the passers-by, as well as pop in to a few rooms to say hi.

After about 30 minutes, several of us were standing around watching Buddy as he interacted with the residents in the activity room. Buddy walked over to a resident who was deaf, mute & blind. The activity director saw this and walked over and laid the resident’s hand on Buddy, so she could pet him. All of a sudden the resident became overjoyed. While she was petting him, tears came to her eyes and she shivered with emotion. It was a very touching moment, one that none of us will ever forget.

A few minutes later, something caught Buddy’s attention. All of a sudden, Buddy ran down one of the halls looking for where the noise came from. I didn’t know why he left, & none of us heard anything, so I whistled for him to come back. A few seconds later the activity director mentioned that there was a lady that normally calls for help every morning to get out of bed. It also happens to be down the same hallway Buddy ran into. Buddy must have heard it and ran to find her.Buddy is a special dog. He is also a rescue dog.

Well, Buddy has finally found his forever home, I believe. And I am glad I could help make it happen. Volunteering with Forever Friends Foster Care & Rescue has been absolutely amazing. I have learned that all a dog needs is a chance – a chance to become the dog he was meant to be – and it starts with love and with training. An obedient dog makes a world of difference!

PostHeaderIcon Max Says Hi!

MaxMy name is “Max” and I am Chihuahua (or at least part Chihuahua!) I want to tell you my story and tell you all about the great people from Forever Friends Foster Care and Rescue that saved my life. They are guessing I am about two or three years old, but we’re not really sure. This guy that knows my foster mom got a call about me being tied to a tree. He went out and tried to talk my owner in to surrendering me, but she wouldn’t give me up for free. She told the nice man he could have me for $50, so he paid my old mom the money and took me to my new foster mom. She is so nice, she took me home and gave me a bath, cut my toenails, fixed me a hot meal and a bowl of fresh water. Later that night she fixed me the biggest, softest bed I had ever slept in before!

The next day she took me to the doctor, and those people did all sorts of things to me. They told my mom that I had hookworms, whipworms and heartworms (boy, is that a lot of worms or what?!) The doctor gave me a pill to take care of the hook- and whipworms, but he told my foster mom that I had to gain some weight before they could treat my heartworms – they say I have so many heartworms that it has made my heart so big it presses against my lungs and makes me cough when I get excited. My foster mom cooks me these really great meals and now I am putting  on some weight. I love to run and play in the back yard with my foster brothers and sisters!

MaxThe doctor said something about getting neutered after my heartworms are gone, whatever that means. I know my foster mom will tell me just exactly what that means when it’s time. Mom says that once I have gotten rid of my worms, gotten neutered and all my shots, I will get to go to my forever home. I would really like to stay here with her, but she says there are lots of dogs out there that need her help and that I will make some little boy or little girl a great friend. Some of my other foster brothers and sisters have already gotten their forever homes and I know I will too when the time comes! I can’t wait!

PostHeaderIcon A Dog Named Hope

I got a call this morning from a deputy sheriff that was on a call to shoot a stray dog.  When he got to the home, the dog laid her head on his foot and he could not shoot her, so he called me. I picked her up and took her straight to the vet.  They are running tests on her to see if she has any major issues, or if she’s just malnourished.  She has gone so long without eating that she has lost all muscle mass.

We plan on doing everything we can to save her life, but I wanted everyone to see what we deal with on a daily basis.  People can just be so cruel.  This dog is so friendly that she had to be someone’s pet.  I don’tHopethink she would have wandered off and not returned home, so either she was dumped or her owners just packed up and left her to fend for herself.  Well, this beautiful creature will never have to do without a meal again!

Say a prayer for her!




Update – 12/15/09:

Hope is now up to 59 lbs. and is heartworm free! Here are some current pictures:

Hope002 Hope003



Update – 2/23/10:

Hope is doing really well! Here are some more pictures.

Hope 11 Hope 12
Hope 13 Hope 14